Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guess what day it is???

So today is a certain (now) 11 year old's birthday.  He is sleeping under a few balloons in a picture above.  Can you guess who it is?  

If you guessed Mr. Noah'd be correct.  He is our super-responsible, way-too-smart-for-our-own-good, uber-talented biggest brother.  We kind of love him a bunch and want to keep him around for awhile.  Thanks for being such a good kid and a great example to your brother and sister, Noah!

And just a tail note...she looked too cute not to snap a picture while Hal was putting her to bed.  Love these kids of mine!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

So check this...I downloaded all my picstures from Saturday and this is what I got from the 5K we (Jay, Beth and I) ran together. The photographer is J&B's daughter and, with last minute plans changing, she couldn't stay to take finish line pictures for us. But who knew J&B took over with a small photo shoot of them-goofy-selves! It made me laugh!! At least I was in one of them for photographic proof I was there at the beginning of the race. I have determined I need to run more trail runs, cause it kicked my heiny!!!
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rock n Roll baby

June 25th marked the completion of a NewYears Resolution for run a half marathon in 2011.  To the Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 it was and about 27,000 of my closest friends ran with me!!  The first picture is of the start of the actual race.  We started with the 19,000 group...about 30 minutes after the first runners started.  Holy moly!  So here is my race in pictures...

Here are a few of my closest friends starting the race (ok, not so close...I don't think I know any of them ;-) )
I am on the right in a black vest, black sleeves and a white you see me??  At the 5K mark

Here we are finishing...hands in the air (aren't we awesome?!)
Another view of us finishing...amazing feeling btw!!

Seriously, the best running buddy evah!  Angie Howells, thanks for the fun times!!!

pretty cool hardware eh?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


187 Miles, 12 friends, 2 Suburbans, 1 day
So I did this little crazy race called the Ragnar.  I filled in for my girlfriend who ruptured a disk while training (and has 2 additional bulging disks!).  So following is a photo montage of our 24+ hours together in a Suburban: 

The window says "The Hostess with the Mostest"  That was Travis, our driver.

I think this guy may have run with this getup on...wondering if there is any support???

Van 1 (Pete) handing off to Van 2 (Steve)
I don't know if Pete even saw this on his run in (he decided to run an extra 1.8 miles more than he was supposed :-)

Steve, after his monster first run...holy hill!!!!!

Holly handing off to Stephanie
Holly looking ever graceful coming down a hill

Steph, also after coming down a hill

Our sleeping arrangements for an hour or two at a time
From 8:30 pm-5:30 am, we couldn't get out of the car without these lovely vests on!

Where's Erin?
Oh....she's out running
And running....

Chip, Steve and Holly...enjoying not running at the moment
Holly and Zeke

Funniest guy ever on the bullhorn
Chip handing off to Zeke

Van 1...Stefanie and Pete Erickson, Jay and Beth Decker, Ron and Macy Sorensen
Van 2...Steve Thompson, Erin Pugmire, Zeke and Stephanie Evans, Chip Roberts, Holly Beaird and, our driver, Travis Beaird
The whole team just after the finish line...I am having a difficult time standing up since I just ran more hills just prior to this picture than I have my entire life.  And they weren't much compared to others in my van!

The girls
The boys

The whole crew again

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big Brother

It's not very often that I write about just one of my children...just for the heck of it.  Normally, they had to do something off-the-wall, silly, or just plain naughty to get on the blog (unless of course it is your birthday, which I regularly forget to post about anyway)
So I thought I would post about my oldest...just because.
I think the oldest get a bum wrap.  I say this from a parent's perspective now...not just from the view of the oldest daughter in my own family.  I expect so much more from this kid than his siblings.  Not just because he is the oldest, but rather because he always steps up to the challenge.  I don't think he know any different.  He has always been such a good helper, that it shocks me when he doesn't want to be.  I have to fully admit getting upset with him for not always being my go-to guy for anything and everything.  He is just good that way and I have learned to rely on him.  
So, Noah, in a are a pretty cool kid who we were blessed to stumble through this thing called parenting with.  You are a guinea pig of sorts and you have handled it famously!  I still expect great things out of you, so don't think I will let up on you.  I am so glad Heavenly Father sent you to us to be our first born!!

Love, Mom

Monday, May 30, 2011

Showin' the love

Who love her doggies??

Sunday, May 29, 2011

silly girlie

How can anyone be comfortable sleeping like that???
Her hand-me-down Spiderman rolling suitcase.
We packed her up in this small suitcase at home, then unpacked at the hotel.  She then took her clothes out of the drawer and put them back in the suitcase, and toted it with her wherever she went.  A girl's gotta have her options all the time eh??